Being the only local resources of scientific and technological literature on Campus, the Library provides collection in depth, both in hard copy and CD-ROM.KMUTT Library contains some 100,000 volumes of monographs, technical and research report, theses, proceeding, and 1,000 titles of journals and standards.The library system is being developed from manual operation to automation, leading to the digital library system. In order to render better service with higher quality for the great benefit of users, students and researcher in all 3 Campuses, KMUTT Library and information Center is planning to digitize all information, photographs and videos in regard to H.M. King Mongkut, rare books, which are about 72 years olds theses, research report, patent, KMUTT journal and Thai industrail standards Instructional Multimedia package and all other indispensable documents and records.


The purpose of this project is to apply the digital library technique to library work in order to convert all informations, photographs and video involving HK. King Mongkut into digital formats. Then the public can easily access to digital reproduction preserve rare books which are about 72 years old, so that they are readily available to clients. In addition the library can keep and preserve the original collect, store and organize theses, research reports, patent, KMUTT research journals, instructional multimedia, and Thai industrail standard in digital form and make them available for retrieval and proceesing via communication network all in user friendly way develop the search capability of Digital library software to image searching in both Thai and English which will be convenience for Thai user to distribute the implementation of digital library by organizing workshop


A product of KMUTT Library and Information will be an electronic archives of information that can be accessed over the internet by both KMUTT community and world wide. KMUTT Library and Information staff have an a beneficial to learn more about digital library and offer more effective services.By organizing workshop, KMUTT library will train participants in Digital library technique, and will be able to prepare them to train others as chains. Whenever KMUTT Library and Information Center can settle with IBM Digital Library software orther libraries and information center will certainly come and see how the software works and see the outcome as well. The Library's digitized information will be widely used by internal user in the campus and outsiders.The application of Digital Library for KMUTT Library and Information Center Project.

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